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My time at school:


My infant school was a very small village school in Great Linford. It only had two classrooms! I can remember going on my first day until lunchtime and my Mum coming to collect me. All of my memories of this school are happy ones; one of the best things was that it had an outdoor swimming pool which was used during the summer. I can remember a swimming teacher coming in to teach us how to swim.

Our Christmas plays were always performed in the local church and I can remember dressing up during my years there as a Shepherd, an Angel and in my last year being a narrator.

I loved English and PE and taking part in Sports Days.

My two eldest children also attended this infant school when they started school; it was exciting taking them for their first days there as it bought back happy memories for me.


When I moved up to Primary School I can remember it feeling huge!! It also took me time to adapt to this change and having new teachers every year, whereas before my infant school was so small I knew all of the teachers all of the time.

My favourite teacher here was called Mr Roe, I liked him as he made learning fun and was always encouraging of everybody.

I was part of the school Netball Team and continued to enjoy Sports.


I was really excited to start Secondary School at Stantonbury Campus but again remember feeling overwhelmed at the size of it when I first started. Overall I enjoyed it, my favourite subject was English. I had a large circle of friends all of whom I met at this school which also made going to school each day fun. Though I would often find myself in trouble for talking too much in class!! All of my school reports from secondary school said ‘Ruth needs to talk less and concentrate more’!

My love of sports continued here and I took up Athletics and my love of running first began.


I continued my education at college after leaving school, choosing to become a Nursery Nurse. This was my career for 10 years.


What Shepherdswell means to me:

The very first thing that struck me when I visited Shepherdswell was how welcoming it felt. The school had a lovely feel to it and as I was shown round there was a ‘buzz’ of excitement throughout the school which was lovely.

I love working here with a great team of people who are all so passionate about the children who come here. For me I love to see the children progress during their time here from foundation through to year 2 and how much they achieve in their time at Shepherdswell.

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