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EYFS Manager - Steph Hartwell

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My journey through education:


I feel very fortunate to have thoroughly enjoyed all of my time through education and this is down to the inspirational teachers and great friends I had.

I started school in my local village and I spent my time here from foundation up to year 8. It was here that my love of sport started and my favourite lesson was always PE.

When I joined upper school in Year 9 I was always excited to learn in all the subjects that I took but I always found Maths the most difficult. This is why I am so keen to enforce the Mastery approach that we use at Shepherdswell, as I love the ethos that no child is left behind. At upper school I was fortunate enough to be able to continue my love of sport and I competed in Athletics for the county. I took on PE as one of my A-levels as well as English, Sociology and Psychology.

When I left school I was unsure still of what I wanted to be “when I grew up” and I got a job as a nursery assistant and I loved it. While working in the nursery I gained my qualifications as a nursery nurse and teaching assistant and then I moved up into the main school to be a teaching assistant in Foundation. While working here I completed my degree in Early Childhood Studies and received my Early Years Teacher Status.

What Shepherdswell means to me.

I believe that our school has a certain magic, when you walk through the doors you get a feeling of awe and wonder about the school- which was certainly my feelings on my first visit to Shepherdswell.

Our ethos underpins all the learning that takes place throughout the school and this is why it is such a wonderful place for the children to learn, be curious and have fun. What I feel most passionate about is that Shepherdswell gives children the opportunity to be themselves and allows their individual characters to establish and flourish. We encourage the children to take on their learning independently and to be curious and creative and this is one of the reasons why we make such fantastic progress.

I want all the children who come through Shepherdswell to have happy memories of school. I want each day to be filled with adventures, challenges and achievements and for each child to be given opportunities to develop confidence, curiosity and a life long love of learning.

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