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Foundation Stage Teacher - Sam Collins

Picture 1 Sam Collins George Elliot School N.W London 1976
Picture 2

My time at School in George Elliot, from the age of 4 - 10 years was a rich and interesting time for me. I lived with my grandparents who really instilled a love of the outdoors, the natural world and learning in me!

My school helped to build my confidence in myself and believe that I could do anything if I worked hard enough! I really enjoyed being a part of a diverse multicultural community, with many languages and creeds amongst my peers.

In this photo I was an angel in the school nativity!! I loved to act and loved theatre!! I went on to study Theatre Studies at ‘A’ level!!

Shepherdswell is the school that I have chosen to work in as it mirrors many of the wonderful opportunities for children that I experienced in my school years: A community school that celebrates diversity and individuality; allowing and encouraging children to learn through expressing their interests and fostering the learning attitude of an “inquiring mind” in children.

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