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Foundation Stage Teaching Assistant - Sharon Harrison

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My primary school journey was a good time; the excitement of going to school for the first time. I remember learning lots of new things, exploring my new world and having fun. I also made lots of friends, we would make up games in the playground and I remember laughing lots with them too. As I went up through the years I took on new challenges, I learnt to play the recorder and I learnt to swim.

School lunch times were great sitting with my friends and having time to chat and swap stories about our day.

I moved up to secondary school it was quite a big change and I faced a lot of different challenges but I also learnt new skills by trying new tasks. I remember how much bigger everything seemed and there were a lot more children.

I joined the trampolining afterschool club which helped me make new friends but also gave me more of an interest in sports, so I joined the swimming club and swam in the schools swimming gala.

My work experience in nursery and school gave me the insight of what I wanted to do beyond school, so I went on to college to study Early Years in Education.


Shepherdswell Academy reminds me of my early days at school and how each child is given opportunities to grow, develop and try new things. The children have a great network of support with all the new challenges they face as they go through school. Being able to work here and helping the children achieve is very rewarding and I am grateful to be apart of their journey.


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