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Interim Year 2 Teacher, Intervention Lead and HLTA - Sophie Bonici

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“Sophie is a very chatty and sociable child, who gravitates towards peers who may be struggling with their work rather than focusing on her own”

Mrs Psard - 1998



During my time in primary education I was lucky enough to have the most nurturing and patient teachers, they are what made school such a wonderful experience for me.

I was never too keen on staring at a black board or repetitive hand writing sheets; I much preferred anything practical and exciting!

I didn’t know I was learning such incredible lessons, I just knew I was having fun and that’s exactly the experience I want for EVERY child I teach!


Shepherdswell is a safe place where children are not afraid to explore, to challenge or to make mistakes.

EVERY child is heard, recognised and appreciated for the incredibly unique individual that they are.

Our school is such a special place and I am confident that every child we have the privilege to nurture will leave with the fondest memories, and lessons that will last them a lifetime!

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