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IT Support Technician - Jonathan Butlin

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My school journey –

My first proper school was Parklands Lower School in Northampton, which I was ever so excited to attend – the nursery school was next door and us tiny tots could peer out of the window and wonder what `big school’ was all about. I really enjoyed my time at school, although I had a tendency to dream and stare out of the window. My first ever teacher, Mrs Edwards, sat me right under her nose; she definitely had me marked as a daydreamer. Despite her best efforts, I was very determined in my daydreaming!

I excelled at English in particular and had some fantastic teachers that really inspired me. I would write stories that were twice as long as everyone else’s (and always had a happy ending)! Parklands Middle School wasn’t as much fun (it’s now a housing estate), but I also have a lot of very vivid memories from that time too; in particular playing the Major General in our school production of `The Pirates of Penzance’. Unfortunately my voice was breaking at the time, and our music teacher had to re-write the music into a different key at each rehearsal to accommodate me…

At upper school (Kingsthorpe), I continued my learning journey, and actually enjoyed a lot of the lessons on offer. Upper school was way more enjoyable than I had ever imagined, and I had a good group of friends – many of whom I am still in touch with. I still love learning new things, and I still have a passion for communication, which is essential when working in IT. I still have a tendency to daydream occasionally, but nowadays I’ve learnt to put it to good use!


What Shepherdswell means to me –

I can honestly say it is always a pleasure coming to work at Shepherdswell Academy – it is such a warm, welcoming, friendly and supportive environment it is hard not to feel right at home there. The staff are so incredibly dedicated to the well-being and education of the children, and the children reflect this. Not only they, but there are so many creative and imaginative opportunities for the children to learn new things; it makes me proud to be a part of it.

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