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Key Stage 1 Manager - Rachel Marguerite

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When I was at school….

When I was starting school, I was confident and excited. New uniform, shoes and school bag, ready to embark on the new adventure of ‘big school.’ When speaking to my mum about my time at school, and what I was like, she used a number of adjectives to describe me; confident, friendly, happy, caring, helpful, well behaved and creative. All the things I encourage the children I teach today to be. I remember I loved my reception teacher Mrs Diggle and teaching assistant Mrs Yates. One of our topics was about animals and we had some one bring in baby lambs and had an incubator with chicks hatching. It was very exciting! I enjoyed moving into Year 1 and developing my story writing and enjoyed reading books and bringing books and word cards to read at home. Biff, Chip and Kipper stories were my favourite and it makes me smile to know children even today are still enjoying the adventures with the magic key! I enjoyed being creative; whether it was through acting, in school productions, when playing Angel Garbiel in the nativity or singing and dancing or making things. Mum said I used to come home all the time with pictures, crafts and models with glitter and sticky things…and lots and lots of glue! Sports day was also a happy memory at school, taking part in events, and especially enjoying the egg and spoon race and the obstacle courses. School was a happy memory and I loved being part of the school community and loved my teachers, of whom I can still remember 25 years later.


Teaching today…

When I think of what Shepherdswell Academy School is, and what the definition of school is, the two don’t marry up…The definition of school is ‘an institution for educating children’ and ‘the pupils and staff of a school.’ I do believe this, but Shepherdswell is much more than just an ‘institution’ and ‘pupils and staff.’ What makes Shepherdswell unique is the staff, parents and children who work together to ensure Shepherdswell is a safe and happy place to be. The core reason it has such a positive atmosphere is because everyone at our school has the passion and self-belief in our children. I come to school every day, knowing I am making a difference and that these children in our care have a thirst for learning and are like sponges, soaking all their new knowledge and applying it in their learning. To be part of a child’s education journey and seeing them develop into independent, confident, happy, well behaved individuals who have a love of learning, shows me I am succeeding as a teacher. I love teaching; it is my life, and something I have always wanted to do since I was a little girl. Teaching at Shepherdswell allows me to share my passion, because of the amazing children we teach!

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