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Principal - Jonathan Cursley

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School – My Journey

I fully remember starting school when I was 5 years old. I attended Castles First School in Bletchley and I remember thinking how big the playground was. It was an extremely happy time for me. I had lovely teachers who cared for me when I was nervous, but also reminded me how to behave as I used to get a bit excited…especially at lunch times! Sadly, the school isn’t there anymore. It has now been replaced by housing with only a fallen tree (turned into a piece of play equipment) marking the spot where the school field once was. I’m actually quite pleased that the tree remains as this was my lasting memory of my time at first school. Every lunchtime, my friends and I would turn the tree into a pirate ship and pretend to have battles against each other…fun times!

My most amazing time that hold my most vivid memories, is my time spent at junior school between the age of 7 and 12. (we stayed until Year 7 in those days!) I attended Alex Campbell Middle School in Bletchley, which is now called Chestnuts. All I can seem to remember is having fun in lessons and spending the most amazing lunch times playing football and playing running games with my friends. In every memory I have it seems to be sunny! I also remember loving my school dinners at Alex Campbell, my favourite being the now banned ‘Turkey Twizzlers!!’ Now that I can properly reflect on my time at junior school, the best part of this school was my teacher in Year 5, 6 and 7. (yes, the poor lady taught me for three years in a row!) My teacher’s name was Mrs Milson. She taught in such a fun way but at the same time, you knew that you had to behave! I saw her quite recently and we recognised each other straight away…you never forget a good teacher (or an excitable child!)

When moving to Secondary School (Lord Grey in Bletchley), I found it really hard to settle in. It was so big and I remember never really feeling supported. I actually started to hate school and as a result, my grades went down leading to me having to re-sit many exams. Through a lot of hard work and perseverance, I finally made it into 6th Form and from there, on to University (Nene University – Northampton). Here, I trained to be a teacher.


What Shepherdswell means to me…

My own experiences at school have really shaped me as a person and now leader of Shepherdswell Academy. I want every child to experience the excitement and fun that a school can provide. I want the children to wake up and be excited about the day ahead. I want them to see smiling faces when they come onto the playground and step foot inside the school building. The children at Shepherdswell must have experiences that engage them, interest them and inspire them to achieve great things. At the same time, I never want a child to feel unsupported or alone. Children make mistakes and as a school, we are here to guide them through occasional choppy waters, in order for them to reach their destination and achieve their personal goals. ‘A skilled sailor was never made on a calm sea.’

I can honestly say that I have never been at a school as rewarding as Shepherdswell. The staff are so hard-working and supportive of any whole-school initiatives that are implemented and work tirelessly every day to give the children the best possible experience they can have. When walking around the school, I continually see and hear children achieve new things. The teachers and all staff at Shepherdswell layer our children with fantastic experiences that not only will allow them to be the young people they want to be but also grow wonderful citizens of the future. I also love the way our parents fully trust us and support everyone at Shepherdswell, not only in educating their child but also in keeping them safe. By having this partnership, the school continues to provide outstanding provision for all of the children. This brings me to my main reason as to why Shepherdswell Academy is the most amazing place – the children. What can I say! They brighten up my day, they inspire me to do better, they amaze me continually and most of all, by seeing them achieve and at the same time feeling happy and safe…they prove to me that Shepherdswell has become the place that myself and all the staff within its walls have works so hard for.

A heart-felt thank you to everyone for making Shepherdswell Academy the most special place I know.

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