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Restorative Play Leaders


Shepherdswell Restorative Play Leaders are:

To be confirmed.


We can help you if you have a falling out with your friends, we will listen to you and help you restore your friendships. We will be outstanding role models around school.

We can help you by

  • Listening to you

  • Helping you to find a solution to a problem

  • Helping you understand how to be a kind friend.


    What can we do?

  • If we notice anyone who looks sad or lonely we will ask if we can help them, help them look for a friend.

  • If anyone has a problem which has made them feel angry or upset, we will go to the restorative area to talk to the people involved and have a talk to resolve the situation.


We have learned how to use restorative questions to:

  • Talk about conflict calmly

  • Listen to each person’s point of view (What Has Happened?)

  • Recognise the emotions felt during the conflict (How has that made you feel?)

    (How would you feel if it happened to you?)

  • help everyone involved decide on a way to repair any harm caused

    (What needs to happen to put it right?)


    1. help you independently, these questions are also displayed around the school in your classrooms, In the hall, on the friendship bench in the playground and outside Mrs Noctors’ room.


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