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Curiosity mind maps

At Shepherdswell we have begun using Curiosity Mind Maps to map our key knowledge each half term for our topics. We share these with the children, reference in lessons and use as an ongoing assessment tool of the key knowledge learnt.

What's the point of curiosity mind maps?

  • They help children learn the key facts - this is the main point of them.
  • They give teachers an outline for a unit.
  • They guide lesson content.
  • They provide teachers with simple ways to explain ideas.
  • They can be used to inspire homework.
  • They aid assessment/quizes to assess understanding and inform future teaching.


What should I consider when creating the curiosity mind maps?

Teachers use the curiosity mind map alongside their medium term planning to map out the key objectives and knowledge that needs to be taught in a topic. When planning teachers need to consider:

  • What are the objectives I need to cover in this unit?
  • What basic facts do children need to know in order to achieve the objectives?
  • Think about including: Explanations, word meanings, diagrams
  • Ensure that the layout is not confusing.
  • The information is carefully written in child-friendly, but challenging, language
  • The amount of information is realistic – remember, they have to learn it all!


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