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Year 2 Teacher - Kasha Bassett

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My School Journey


I went to a small primary school in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire. I loved school and remember my teachers really well. My favourite subject was art as I was inspired by Mr Harris who was very talented and made it look easy. He guided me through my work step by step so that I could achieve outcomes which I didn’t think I could. Throughout school I was a bookworm and still have a recording of me reciting my favourite nursery rhymes at home with my dad. I still love reading today so it is fitting that reading and English is my subject area of responsibility as a teacher. I qualified as a Primary School Teacher in July 2007 and have worked in schools in both Milton Keynes and my home town of Northampton.


What Shepherdswell means to me


I joined Shepherdswell in September 2014 as a teacher in Year 2 and am enjoying teaching this age group very much. The children are very special and make my job all the more rewarding. They come from a range of different backgrounds and each have their own learning behaviours and needs which makes my job both interesting and challenging. Everyone I work with puts the needs of the children first. I feel part of a helpful, supportive team who are all on a journey together to give the children the best possible start to their education.

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